Amine Amharech for Tirade Book 7

Amine Amharech
The New N°5

Amine Amharech, also known as Eon, 35, belongs to a new generation of architects. Looking ahead, sailing in turbulent waters of the vanguard to explore new territories of expression, far, far away from the boring asceticism, or the ordered rationality of "modern" architecture.

Champion of experimentation and stimulating unpredictability, it has set itself the object of his approach in a rereading of things, considering the uniqueness of each project and its context as a whole (cultural, social, economic, political, technological ...) to define new relationships between contemporary architecture and current situation. Through his achievements, where art and fashion are often called upon, he chose to turn some of his insights into directions, proposing a new form of architectural expression, sensory and emotional, opening the imagination to 'infinite. An art in itself, to build his day and time, where the architecture is no longer the only place of aesthetic representation, but an environmental "climate" and stimulant, obtained by physical experimentation through to atmospheres, and their perception by the senses.

© Amine Amharech

© Amine Amharech

Words by — FAROUK CHEKOUFI / Digital Artist — THOMAS BRAUT