Series 1 - The Invisible Gap

"The invisible gap" is the name of PRODUCTION Q's first series of collectible objects. Artist Queenie Rosita Law realized this series 1 eight images dedicated to the Sakura flower (the Japanese cherry-tree), depicting the evanescent nature of time and the preciousness of individual moments. The flowers' photographic images have been transformed through a unique paint method to portray the perpetual cycle of life and death through the effects of time on flowers after they bloom.

The two first images, “touch” and “bloom” have been paired with items such as hand-poured candles, room spray, art cushions and hand-woven rugs. These items link sensory impressions with the symbolism of the images: — in "touch" two branches laden with Sakura blooms reach for each other, while "bloom" features a close up of a blossom, revealing the fragility of its fleeting existence.

«In “the invisible gap,” the first of our series of collectible items, we explore the space between two strangers and reflect on the struggle to find closeness and connections with others whilst hoping to bridge the distance between human beings.»

The photographic prints history (how, where, why the pictures have been realized) HOW - a paint on photography method. We start taking the scenery from a film camera, exposing the images in

darkroom, and painting on top of the photographic images to add effect. WHERE - Sakura flower, Tokyo, during cherry blossom season.

WHY - We transformed the Sakura blossom images to illustrate the development of flowers after blooming and the perpetual cycle of the relationship between life and death.