Happy 4th Birthday Curious Duke Gallery

From launching the gallery in a recession, to launching the Secret Art Prize, Curious Duke Gallery has taken London by storms as they defy the pop up culture and keep their cosy east London gallery space for the 4th year in a row making it now a rare gem of east London and a great place to buy original and limited edition art work form.

Starting out is September 2011, Curious Duke Gallery has defied the pressure to become a pop up and online shop and has managed to maintain a permanent and cosy gallery space in London. Founded by now 28 year old Eleni Duke , dubbed the duchess of Whitecross Street which houses the gallery, CDG has become a rare survivor in a city where permanent art galleries are becoming a dying breed. This is mainly due to increasing costs and rising rates. Despite rent and rates increases CDG has grown exponentially to great acclaim having won second place in Smarta 100 Micro Business Awards 2013, launching the internationally acclaimed Secret Art Prize now represents some of the most exciting talents that the UK has ever produced.

CDG began as a platform for emerging artists with an interest and practice inspired by contemporary and urban art. Most importantly, these artworks would be affordable; collectors need not be priced out of the market, whether first time and seasoned buyer let us not forget that 2011 was the beginning of the recession. Duke wanted to create a gallery that catered for all levels of collectors for art to be accessible whilst promoting the best new talent. Moreover, the gallery would not be a cold white cube that feared personality; it would become the quintessential anti-gallery, leading to the dubbing of Duke as the Duchess of Whitecross Street, CDG of 2015 most certainly reflects tis vision.

To put the cherry on top of your art buying experience , CDG offer framing, installation and curation of the art work in your home. offered as a package or separate services, the gallery can offer framing to stave off indecision and install the piece amongst your existing frames and art work; your very own gallery wall in your home courtesy of CDG