IKE e KOI by Vito Nesta e Ludek Lancellotti - Nesta & Ludek

IKE e KOI, in Japanese language respectively "pond" and "carp" are two pure wool carpets in the shape of old chinese paper umbrellas made in India by the best artisans. The product is the result of a trip to Asia and the study of ancient Japanese IXX cent. prints of the local fashion before western contamination. That's where the interest for this romantic and iconic object, which in the oniric world represents adaptiveness and luck and the will to transform it in somethingthat goes beyond the carpet and towards a window open on a colorful and mysterious world.

IKE's dominant colors are the blue of the pond and the carp's red. It is the curiosity of exploration, the entomologist's enthusiasm , the beauty of movement.

KOI is a rice paper colored carpet in which a handful of lazy and quite sleepy carps swim in formation.

This are the first objects of the Nesta & Ludek creative duo's collaboration between Vito Nesta e Ludek Lancellotti 

Design: Vito Nesta and Ludek Lancellotti

Dimensions: Carpets diameter Ø 200 cm

Credits: Ph: Alessandro Esposito