The Curious Duke Gallery - Shake it like a polaroid picture this April - Art Exhibition - London

Award winning Curious Duke Gallery are proud to present the first UK solo show of Polaroid artist Andrew Millar, with Chasing Ghosts. The East London based gallery invites you to rejoice in all things black and gold this April 2016.

East London’s Curious Duke Gallery is known for nurturing young talent into the bright stars of the art world: Andrew Millar is no exception. UK born Millar joined CDG last year and took the gallery by storm with his distinctive ethereal style. Hailed as a big hit at Moniker Art fair 2015, the artist creates the little known process of Polaroid collage transparencies with finesse and vintage beauty. If you haven’t seen his back catalogue yet, you will soon be falling in love with his latest collection, Chasing Ghosts.

Starring in the latest New Balance campaign, Millar is a style icon behind and in front of the camera. He pours this innate sense of chic into his own photography as he creates visions that border on the mythical and mysterious. The Polaroid’s themselves are dripping with painterly details with Millar’s distinctive style bringing together Vanitas and ethereal beauty of vintage and experimental cinema.  From here, he draws on inspiration from the immersive power of illusions that come from these artistic movements that affects a psychedelia.

Chasing Ghosts marks an impressive change to Millar’s practice with the introduction of his large Polaroid portraits. For the first time, the artist’s black and gold Polaroid’s are collected into a grid to compile into one large image of astounding beauty in 24 Ct. gold leaf. With prices starting at £110, you will have to see it to believe it.

With such a large back catalogue you may be wondering how he creates such individual characters. Wonder no more, for we can tell you that each image is created with its own soundtrack that embodies each artwork, with the likes of Aphex Twin and Massive Attack. As for how these exquisite artworks come to be, without giving away trade secrets, we can tell you that Millar uses the layers of film in one Polaroid to create collaged images with 24 Ct. gold leaf inlaid between the sheets.  The artist explains this unusual juxtaposition of ghostly image and exquisite gold as “highly complimentary in tone, whilst maintaining an air of the mystical.”

Join in the black and gold revolution this spring 2016. 


Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present Andrew Millar: Chasing Ghosts

PV 7th April 6-9pm

7th- 30th April 2016

173 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JT

Open Monday-Friday 11:30-6:30, Saturday 12-4

Nearest stations: Old Street (exit 6) and Barbican




Contact: for more information re: new premises/ the event/ interviews. for guest list


Editor’s notes:

Catering to first time and experienced art collectors with a passion to discover the best new and emerging contemporary artistic talents. Curious Duke Gallery only represent the best in new contemporary talent who work in a wide range of media that often defies categorisation. Through promoting and supporting these talents, they aim to dispel the myth that quality artwork comes with a high price. Curious Duke Gallery will encourage the accessibility of original and affordable artwork, whilst supporting young artists in their early career, which in turn will create investment opportunities for art buyers and collectors. 2014 saw CDG run the inaugural Secret Art Prize to great acclaim, which is now in its third year.

Multi award winning Curious Duke Gallery lay claim to 2nd place Micro Business Smarta 100 2013 Awards in association with O2, and 2nd best cultural venue in Shoreditch and Hoxton by TimeOut #Love London Awards 2015.

Eleni Duke:

Eleni Duke has cemented her position on the UK art scene as championing surreal and urban artwork, and taking on artists who have many years’ experience to no experience of exhibiting and selling their work. Duke’s nurturing approach to young talent has seen her nominated for Micro Business of the Year 2013, and appearing as a judge for the all female Femme Fierce street art competition. This constant search for talent and its growth has led CDG to launch their very own art prize. The Secret Art Prize returns February 2016.