The X Exhibition by Sade English

X Exhibition | Anticlone curated by Sade English

Anticlone: To not conform to suit society. Exploring the concept and definition of Anticlone, ‘X Exhibition’ is a public introduction to the artistry and curator within Sade English. ‘X exhibition’ signifies the two outputs that is visual and wearable art.

‘X Exhibition’ holds a key focus on abstract paintings, installation, film, and photography. Here the viewer visually explores in depth, ways in which society effects emotion, gender, expression, and our every day life. Disregarding societies false views by expressing herself through both crafts, art and design; the craft itself to be how to have the ability to control what transforms our perceptions by expressing these constant battles through her accretions of works.

“Subconsciously we are influenced by societies views and dictated ideologies whether it’s racial stereotypes, cultures, sexual preference or gender roles, the list is endless. We cannot escape it, but we can educate ourselves, rather than give in to ignorance”

- Sade English

Abstract paint work is an apparent focus for the X Exhibition, In regards to Sade’s third collection, a limited few will be available to preview also: Here the viewer can see the clear link and artistry from canvas paint works which inspires digital print for her upcoming collection.

The Term ‘ X ‘ is to signify the exhibition title is somewhat undisclosed, which leaves an unanswered question Sade herself asks the viewers:

“ What is your interpretation of ‘X’, after viewing the exhibition?

The public is welcomed to answer with one written word.

2016 marks the evolution of Sade English. Showing for two weeks at No Format Gallery, located at SFSA Studios is also where the Sade English studio asides. Formally introduced to the arts industry specialized in pattern cutting and Fashion design, Sade never conformed to the programmed standards of art and design. After making the crucial choice to depart just two years into her degree, The Anticlone concept was born.

Disregarding to name her work according to industry seasonal titles or labels , Sade’s evolution makes it noticeably clear both art and design is simply an extension of herself. Curating, designing, painting and creative direction Sade English has molded her skills to create numerous artistic outputs. All of which she will put on display to the public in her second curated exhibition within a gallery space covering 2,500sq, her biggest exhibition yet since showcasing at 5th Base Gallery in March 2015.

Officially headlining , Anticlone:X Exhibition will be held at No Format Gallery, from 15th March till the 26th. Join us at the Public Pre viewing which will be held 15|03|16 from 18:00-21:30 and from the 16th onwards hours will be from 11:00-18:30.

Added information

Sponsorship: Drinks and food on the night Sponsored by jam 59.

People included in film footage: performance artist imma mess, Benjamin Milan, dance group jiltd, Scarification model Laurence Sessou, Artist and curator assitant at serpentine gallery Parma ham

Artist/Curator and Creative Director: Sade English

Videographer / Photographer: Faux

Mua: Luke Harris

Sounds produced by, Sade English, Jack France

The paintings of Sade English, is created with a procedure that speaks directly through and to the subject. Each piece on display at the X Exhibition narrates a story. Whether it is the canvas, film, Installation, or garment construction these subjects untouched is the beginning to the story that is the Anticlone movement.

The layers upon layers of white and black paint, creates a atmospheric cancellation from the regularised pressures of programmed, pre conditioned ideologies. Throughout each painted stroke, the honest receptivity towards the western world is captured and revealed through a mixtures of mixed mediums..

All film art directed by Sade has the installation as the backdrop subjects featured alongside:

Dancers - Benjamin Milan & Gianni G

Scarification Model: Laurence monaise Perfomance

Performance Artist: Imma mess and Parma Ham.