3 new exhibitions at Z33 this spring

Z33 - house for contemporary art, presents three new exhibitions this spring:
Basim Magdy – Some Become Part Time Singers and Some Keep Pretending
Design my Privacy
Dries Depoorter – Data Broker
Additionally the new building and renovation of Z33 - which is about to start soon - will be presented.

Today’s technological developments follow each other in rapid succession. They affect our daily lives and the way in which we look at the world and our society. Our virtual and ‘real’ lives are gradually becoming intertwined; what is private is becoming increasingly more public. The three exhibitions confront us with our often ill-considered online behaviour, the power of the image and our view of reality.

The Province of Limburg and Z33 present distinctive projects that respond to social trends. These three exhibitions seamlessly fit this theme’- says deputy of Culture of the Province of Limburg, Igor Philtjens.

An exhibition by MOTI, Museum of the Image in Breda


Today we continually share data: a message via WhatsApp, a picture on Instagram, an update on Facebook or an e-mail through Gmail ... Yet who are we actually sharing this data with? Who gets to see it, and what are the consequences? How can we make sure that personal information remains strictly personal?

Online security has been in the news quite a bit lately. Governments and companies are only too eager to look into our computer or smartphone, record our online behaviour and collect all kinds of data. This exhibition explores issues of online privacy, the protection of personal digital data and digital surveillance.  Aside from a number of historical coding systems, Design my Privacy presents some surprising contemporary strategies aimed at maintaining control over our data by more than 35 young designers and artists. 14 contributions were submissions to theCrypto Design Challenge, an open call to students, artists and designers launched by MOTI for the development of new ideas for encrypting digital data and visualizing online privacy.

The exhibition presents works by, among others, Willem Popelier, Mark Shepard, Ruben Pater, FRONT404, Rosa Menkman, Heath Bunting, Joyce Overheul, Owen Mundy, Jeroen van Loon, Jasper van Loenen and Roos Groothuizen.




We spend increasingly more time online and (unconsciously) share increasingly more digital and personal information. The young artist Dries Depoorter plays with this idea and shares, combines, and experiments with his own private data, or that of random people found on the Internet. In his projects, he comments in a playful manner on themes such as social identity, the sharing of big data, the encryption of data, and the (lack of) protection of our online privacy.

In this way, anyone wanting to know Dries’ whereabouts, can look them up via the website Here. Through his iPhone, Here shows, in real time, the exact location of (and the directions to) the artist by means of Google Street View.

In the project Tinder In, Dries Depoorter places profile pictures of people with accounts on both the business networking site LinkedIn and the dating site Tinder side by side. It shows the difference between the ways in which people choose to represent themselves on each platform, and illustrates the easiness with which we disclose personal information without even realising it.




This black box presentation presents three films by Egyptian artist Basim Magdy. Magdy is fascinated by social constructs such as utopias, dogmas and ideologies and the way in which they are visually presented. His versatile work revolves around concepts such as observing, remembering and archiving. The films presented at Z33 are poetic and associative reflections on the absurdity of life, on solitude in a world of constant connectivity, on time, the future, the past and the present, on utopia and dystopia. They are complex and layered films bathed in a surreal and dreamy atmosphere with a psychedelic edge.



Limburg on an internartional level

Z33 again addresses topical issues that affect our immediate living environment. Moreover, it brings world quality art to Limburg. ‘The intention behind the presentation of these three exhibitions perfectly reflects the ambitions of the Province of Limburg and Z33. We want to enter into (international) collaborations, bring international art to Limburg and create space for young artistic talent,’ concludes Deputy of Culture Igor Philtjens.


Opening times
Exhibitions: 27.03 until 29.05.2016
Opening: 26.03 at 19:30