Love Listening With B&O PLAY H4

Today B&Q Play launches new archetype within their wireless headphone collection. A clean contemporary design created by Danish designer Jakob Wagner.


"Music is an art that explores the aural space. It is meant to stir up emotions and provoke feelings. Growing up in the digital age, when HiFi listening was replaced with smartphone earplugs it was easy to forget how intimate and beautiful a piano sounds, how percussion sparkles and how full a tuneful base really is. For those who want a way back in , Beoplay H4 is a beautiful and powerful piece of design, that will make you fall in love with music all over again.'' Global Head Of Marketing Jen Jermin for B&O Play


With B&O Play's core ethos in delivering authentic sound, they consider every detail  in their design process. The new Beoplay H4 hails from true materials of soft lamb skin, aluminium and a braided textile. The ear cushions boast a passive noise isolation, which means that the external sounds will not interfere with your music, whilst ensuring that your music will not leak out to the surrounding area.

Keeping simplicity, Beoplay H4 provides an intuitive user interface comprised of 3 buttons, a micro USB connector and a 3.4mm jack that integrate seamlessly into the sturdy but smooth material that make up the headphones' housing.  

Along with design ease, a listener has up to 19 hours of wireless music to enjoy. If the headset runs out of power, it is a manageable process of plugging into the enclosed mini jack cable with a turn around of 2.5 hours to charge complete, whilst one can continue to enjoy listening.  


Beoplay H4 Charcoal Grey available now for £249  in store at Bang & Olufsen stores or online at