Words by Pariss Sloan

Are we ever going to be ready for Kojey Radical?

I have been a fan of Kojey as a soul, a human being and a talent for quite some time now. I have also had the privilege of seeing not only the talent, but the confidence, stage presence and the hunger grow. 

This week saw Kojey's first release since '23 Winters' in 2016.


Kojey has an incredible ability of expressing himself in a way that almost takes the words from the deepest, darkest corners of your mind - and quite often your heart too. 

He is fearless in his expression and rebellion. 

He is art.

Kojey has not disappointed with his latest work, which promises unrestrained truth and honesty, in the only way that he knows how. Gone are the days of being apologetic for his revelations and evolution, Kojey continues to manifest a production that quite frankly, should be taught in schools. 

Whether you're ready for him or not, he's here to stay. 

You haven't experienced Kojey, until you've seen him live. Make it happen.