Tawiah is an incredible talent and songstress. Raised in South East London, like the best of us, she has found herself championed by the likes of Mark Ronson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Cee Lo Green, The Guillemots and Gilles Peterson. 

2018 sees the launch of her much anticipated debut album ‘Starts Again’, co-produced by Sam Beste (of critically acclaimed ‘Hejira’) the album ventures forward into unexplored territories, seamlessly blending avant-garde musical leanings and beautifully melodic sensibilities, creating a deep, immersive and absorbing body of work.

Tawiah will be performing at Roundhouse Rising Festival on the 4th March, as part of Lil Simz' 'Welcome to Wonderland: The Experience II'

It often feels odd to describe talents like Tawiah as 'up and coming' as they've been on the scene for a while, and have already contributed to music in a huge way. It takes 10 years to become an overnight success, or so the saying goes.


So, with that in mind, we'll simply say...




We’ve read that you’re polishing your own brand of alternative soul – what is that to you?

Oh word!? It’s nice to know people feel like I’m in my own lane, it’s the only place I can truly express myself. I guess my music is pretty personal so for me I just want to remain as honest as possible.

 What can we expect to see coming from you in the next 12-18 months?

Having finished the album, I'm working with a creative team on my art direction and album launch. We're exploring pushing the boundaries of my live shows. I'm so excited and ready to release and perform this new music.

How did supporting so many other artists vocally, help shape your sound? – did it?

I don't think it's really shaped my sound, but touring with other bands has definitely fuelled my love for performing. I’ve played to hundreds of thousands of people with various bands and I love life on the road. As hard as it can be at times, it’s a lot of fun. I recently supported Moses Sumney on his European Tour, it was wonderful to be surrounded by creatively free artists and within that context to be able to share new material with audiences and experiment with a new solo live setup.

 Tell us about Lima Limo records and your involvement…

Lima Limo is a label my friends (Sam Beste, Alex Reeve and Rahel Debebe-Dessalenge) and I started. We've known each other for years but over the last few years became inseparable as I worked closely with Sam who co-produced my album in a shared studio with their band Hejira.

On the back of shared experiences of the music industry as independent artists and many, many conversations, we created Lima Limo as a small label for us to release music for releasing musics sake!

We’ve released 2 EPs on Lima Limo so far, my EP ‘Recreate’ and Hejira’s EP ‘Lima Limo Ceremony’. We joined forces with Japanese label Sweet Soul Records who have released a deluxe version of my EP with remixes, 3 additional studio tracks and some live tracks.

I've had a few messages from people asking why those extra tracks are only available in Japan! So we'll be making them available in all other territories in April.

What has the journey been like for you so far?

Ooooh! You got all day? Ha. Like all journeys there are highs and lows, but it’s all allowed me to learn and grow. I've had time to really find my lane and I’m just looking forward now!

Fondest memory so far?

Listening to the final master of my debut album and thinking ‘yep,  daaassssit. finished’!

What would you say has been most challenging?

I guess realising I wasn't on the same page or even reading from the same book as a lot of the people I was working with on a business front and once I realised that, finding the strength to walk away from the those relationships, being faced with myself and starting again!

 How do you feel you’ve changed/grown throughout the years?

I used to be hype 24/7, more recently I am referred to as chilled and mostly at home or in the studio... I still have my moments though!

Who are you loving musically right now?

Moses Sumney! if you’ve not heard his album Aromanticism yet…please check it!

Where would you say your biggest fashion influence comes from?

Being comfortable.

Are there any other creative itches waiting to be scratched?

Ha, well I’ve started knitting a scarf... who knows I might have a whole winter collection one day! 


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