Great women empower. 


It’s a pretty special day to celebrate Lioness’ recently released DBT Remix, as we also celebrate International Women’s Day.  

The original track, DBT, stands for ‘Dead Black Ting’ - a phrase I hope goes out of style real quick. 

As Lioness explains: “The tune is to empower dark skinned women to always feel comfortable in their skin no matter what.

“DBT stands for ‘Dead Black Ting’ which is a term used by males of our own race to describe us. I've taken over the insult to give it a new narrative.

“How dead can we be when we gave you life?”

To make a larger point, Lioness releases an epic remix with an incredible line up of powerful, beautiful, black women on the UK scene. 

Stush, Queenie, Little Simz, Lady Leshurr and Shystie all feature on the remix.


Available on Spotify and all online streaming platforms now!